August.. Matunda na mboga bustani kwangu. My fruit & Veg garden.

I have been reaping the benefits of my fruit and veggie garden for a long time now but it was really exciting to crop my very first ever ndizi plant. Bananas grow plentiful but they are oh so sweet when one has planted them oneself ....watered, tended them....watched them grow and ripen....THEN...cropped and shared them!!
Mustafa had helped me understand which ndizi I had. Some plants were growing ndizi kupika, bananas to cook, and others ndizi chukula, eating bananas. the ones for eating ripened first but needed to be cut as a big bunch then stored to ripen. I waited over one week and finally when checking, I discovered they had turned yellow!

Chukula za asubuhi of ndizi pancakes the next morning tasted so sweet but what was even more exciting was taking them on the school bus and sharing them!
 Yustina with whom I first sit most mornings but then get surrounded by the others as they alight the bus!
 Moonshine  (Non formal) Girls

 Kennedy Wilson
Since then ndizi chukula have been cooked by Mustafa and Kulwa into a traditional Tz dish. The first dish they cooked for me was spontaneously cooked by them to feed all my transient visitors one lunch time. Such a thoughtful and much appreciated offering by all of us!
 Catherine, Jen, Mattias, Liesbet, Sine, Bryan.