Semester begins @ SEGA....and a few pics from Egypt!

OKAY!!!.....I know you have been waiting for some pics out of Egypt but so many exciting things are always happening here at SEGA and, with the semester underway, it's so hard to find the time to put it all together...POLE SANA...I am really sorry!!!!! I have included a quick snapshot of the start of Hanna and my safarini Egypt!
Georgie Boy and I just hanging around in the dessert
Toursism has dropped and activity was slow!
He was pretty cute!

The two of us!

The majestic Alabaster Mohamed Ali Mosque, Cairo.
Kicking back, killing time drinking thick Turkish coffee, to which we became quite addicted...and having fun waiting for our overnight train journey to Aswan from Cairo!
Dwarfed by the enormous carved statues at  Abu Simbel near the Sudanese boarder.

The Egyptian Princess! All dressed up ready to party at the Egyptian night on the Nile cruise.
(You know it's just as well I have been in Tz for so long and learned to be patient because these pics have taken ages to upload onto my blog because the internet keeps dropping out!!!!! I will continue adding Egypt pics another time!)


lakini, sasa...mimi rudi SEGA....
(But now...I am back @ SEGA) 

The final half of second semester began with a workshop run by the Fundacion Paraguaya educating and leading the SEGA staff through the next phase of our Business development. Staff will be supporting the girls in developing, running and liquidating their own business enterprises. 

Some of the Fundacion team: L- RDris, Melissa, Isack.

Emmanuel keeping an eye on proceedings as his Foundacion colleagues work with him to share their knowledge.

At the workshop we welcomed Alice Mitchell, US Peace Corps volunteer (with SEGA for 2 years) and Nancy Raymond… straight off the plane from the US who is volunteering with us until December.  Both women have arrived conveniently in time to take on some of the amazing work the young volunteers had been engaged in during their time at SEGA... Alice and Nancy are living on campus in the Volunteer’s House. They will quickly come to know the extensive combinations of activities which fill the weekly lives of SEGA’s girls.
Karibuni SEGA Alice and Nancy.

We officially started last Business Clubs this Tuesday11/9, after many hours of planning, and will meet every Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 3.30 - 5.00pm. 
Proud Pilli!

The Fundacion Paraguaya team with Nancy

A study of concentration from our newest SEGA girls.

Clementina inspiring a mentoring family to think creatively and plan well for their business

Sylvanus working his magic!

"Actually girls....."   Masoud quietly prompting and guiding.

Completion of this phase will occur late November during which time each of the Mentoring families, which will be a business family, will become business women! A very exciting term ahead!

Melissa working with the girls

Anastazia and Kennedy working with Emma whilst the girls work hard at putting their plan together.

Good learning sessions should always end happily......everyone laughed and enjoyed Nuru leading us through this fun dance!
How exciting is this picture!!!!!????
Maybe you don't realise but........... this is a tray of freshly laid, precious gold!
It is one of the first trays of eggs produced by SEGA's first business enterprise.......NOW BEING SOLD to the public!!!
You can see that one is missing.....It's happily in my tummy filling my body with the best nourishment you can buy in an egg in Morogoro! It has been nurtured into this world with so much love, care and attention that it can't fail to bring gold in return!