Music club and Conversational English with Pre Formals.

Tuesdays are when we have Music Club from 4-6pm....usually the girls dance on much later than this. Grace used this Tuesday CLub to teach the Pre Formals one of the popular dances enjoyed by Tz's.

 The girls were encouraged to take their turn at creating their own routine using the same music!
They loved the challenge and had lots of fun showing that they are inaturally tuned into rhythm and coordination of dance.

 During the cooler months I didn't run the swimming program and as an alternative I spent all morning with the Pre Formals focused on English. Many of the activities took us outside to use their natural environment as a stimulus for conversational English. These pictures were taken in our attempt to create a book or some visual medium using numbers....
 10 mahindi stalks
 5 logs of wood
 7 Seed pods
 11 Cabbages
 12 Chairs
 13 Cups
The field workers...aka: Pre Formals!

Dodo Vols Regional Meeting weekend in Mpwapwa

I had really wanted to visit this funny sounding rural town from the first time I had met Claire!
VSO vol from UK, Claire, had been working in the Teachers' College and was ending her 2 year placement in October...So, the Dodoma Vols decided that our Regional Meeting had to occur there before she left. What a memorable weekend that became!! Thanks Claire and Katie for sharing your people and the wonderful work you have been doing with them.

The Dodo Vols: Fredrick, Liesbeth, Fe, Susan, Judith, Me, Claire
 Wrapped in our kangas ready to visit the local rural women who are being taught how to build a poultry business. Katie, Peace Corps volunteer is leading them ....each woman who has qualified and is participating is making the commitment to their new business enterprise by building their chicken banda. When it is completed they will receive their quota of chickens. They are quite extraordinary and extremely hard working.
Heading back to Claire's little oasis at the base of the hills.

 Kuku banda #1

Serious productivity....a seriously good chicken banda!

The walls are lined with copies of Femina Hip magazine (the mag for which Hanna, VSO Dar is working),   from which Mama has gained much of her inspiration to dream big and work productively.
The main highway in Mpwapwa is for all the locals!
 Kuku banda #2

 Proud Mama sharing her vision with Susan.
Excitement for everyone as  mzungus mwengi invade!

 Happy that the delivery of 'Femina Hip' mag had arrived!
 Claire, VSO UK and Katie, Peace Corps USA

 The poultry business is a family concern!
 Kuku Bunda #3.

' Proud Mamas'

A typical social ending!

Ulugurus.... Dar....kukuta rafiki yangu (to meet my friends).. @ Kwa heri!

You CAN NOT come to Morogoro and leave without having hiked the Uluguru Mountains!
So we did!
As we waited for the dala the Ulugurus beckoned us with their awesome charm...

 We arrived in town and I organised two pikis to take Evie and I up past Rock Gardens and on to the rural school higher up in the mountains. It was exhilarating to be out in the open, climbing and winding our way into the folds of these beautiful mountains so early in the morning! 
How to pack so much into one day?....seems to be what I do well these days...
....we will show you!!!

The young children had swept this path high in the mountains with a fagia..(small broom)  early in the morning before they had trekked their way down the valley to school.
 We met Mustafa's friends who recognized me as his mzungu friend. A friendly encounter with so many locals.

Evie enjoying the clean mountain water cleverly redirected along a bamboo shaft. This water source has been made accessible to all the locals with this simple innovation.

 We passed the local homes and found ourselves back at the rural government school high in the Ulugurus. We walked all the way down into town, caught pikis back home and were on the bus to Dar by 11.30am! ....a morning I would love to repeat often!! Arriving in Dar, I had decided that Evie needed to acclimatise back into her world so we booked into a nice hotel at Slipway, Mzungu heaven, and found our way to my favorite bar overlooking the ocean! All that was needed was some friends to share it with....and rocked Hanna...Claire....and our other Dar social gang!! Good and laughter topped off with another BEAUTIFUL sunset...this time captured by Hanna's photographic skills!

Me and My mate Hanna, chilling out, enjoying sundowners at Slipway.....
............trying not to think about the fact that Evie was leaving Tz within 24 hours!
The following morning we did some retail therapy @ Slipway and filled Evie's suitcase with memorabilia and Africana sawadis....pressies for the fam and finally had to succumb to the fact that all good things must come to an end....all too quickly but.....OH WHAT WONDERFUL MEMORIES we had created! 
Thank you my darling sister for visiting me.
Welcome back to Morogoro, Sega and my home.
I love you.