Music club and Conversational English with Pre Formals.

Tuesdays are when we have Music Club from 4-6pm....usually the girls dance on much later than this. Grace used this Tuesday CLub to teach the Pre Formals one of the popular dances enjoyed by Tz's.

 The girls were encouraged to take their turn at creating their own routine using the same music!
They loved the challenge and had lots of fun showing that they are inaturally tuned into rhythm and coordination of dance.

 During the cooler months I didn't run the swimming program and as an alternative I spent all morning with the Pre Formals focused on English. Many of the activities took us outside to use their natural environment as a stimulus for conversational English. These pictures were taken in our attempt to create a book or some visual medium using numbers....
 10 mahindi stalks
 5 logs of wood
 7 Seed pods
 11 Cabbages
 12 Chairs
 13 Cups
The field workers...aka: Pre Formals!

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