On Safari...19 - 22 September. Day 1: Zanzibar - Arusha - Tarangire - Manyara

Confusion with our plane tickets for the flight from Zanzibar to Arusha resulted in having to touchdown on Pemba (which I was happy about as I hadn't been there yet...and can now legitimately say that I have!!) The flight took us within sight of Kilimanjaro at which time she uncharacteristically revealed her summit. What a treat!
Having landed safely, much to Evie's relief, we were met by Richard, our tour guide and given a bottle of wine and chocolates! Bariki, my friend and founder of One World Safaris (www.oneworldsafaris.com), runs a very professional business with a personal touch....(I wonder if he does this for all his clients!) It was he who organised Phyl and my visit to the Maasia circumcision ceremony back in June. 10% of all his profits goes back into supporting the Maasai community and assisting them with alleviating their challenges.
 Our first boxed lunch...gourmet. YUM!
 Maasai Market Day.

The first National Park we entered was Tarangire. Within the first half hour we had seen lions, elephants, zebras, wildebeest, giraffes, amazing birdlife... to name just a few. Evie thought this was what it was going to like the whole way! I had to warn her that she was VERY LUCKY to have such a feast so quickly!...But, yes, there certainly was plenty to see in a relatively small area. They wildlife had come to seek water which was certainly advantageous for tourist viewing!
Evie getting into safari mode
 Tembo tearing the wood off the acacia tree and using it as a toothpick.
(Pole tena...anticlockwise doesn't want to happen atm!)
We slept in tents during the safari. This one we didn't have to erect as it was permanently set up. The staff greeted us as old friends and our stay was peaceful and relaxing, amongst a handful of fellow travelers. This camp site was near Manyara; set as you climb over the Rift Valley. We experienced our first meal from Laurence our chef. We learned that both he and Richard had been with Bariki's business for its four years of existence. Both our guide and chef excelled in the delivery of their expertise. Lucky us to have this personalised professional attention!

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