Yeye ni dada yangu..natoka Mwaustralia...She is my sister from Australia!

 Evie finally arrived....minus her luggage! (the start many little challenges typical of life here in Tz) But....we didn't care....she was actually here in Tanzania!! off one plane and onto another...I didn't realise she didn't really like small planes..Arriving safely we met Wendy and Hazel for sundowners and Indian dinner at Monsoon.
September 16 had finally arrived but Evie's 1 hour turnaround in Doah was too quick for the bag handlers to transfer her bag.... so we had to go shopping! (after breakfast at Archepalego where I had had Christmas breakfast with Gemma and the girls on Christmas Day) It was the quickest, successful shopping trip I have ever done with Evie. It also meant she got to experience the maze of haphazard roads and myriad of dukas atypical of Stonetown, Zanzibar!
Karibuni Tanzania dada yangu tamu...
Welcome to Tz my Darling sister.

 Evie tucked up in her first bed of many we were to experience during the week... protected from the mosquitoes. We stayed at Karibu Inn right in the heart of Stonetown
 Enjoying the ambiance while waiting for breakfast @ Archepelago
 Archepalego upstairs on left; Monsoon on right.
Evie in her new summer gear, Hazel & Wendy. 
We farewelled Hazel as the three of us headed north to relax on the beautiful beach of Kendwa.
 Evie chatting to her family in Aus from our balcony overlooking our retreat at Kendwa Breezes
 I caught up on some much needed sleep whilst Evie and Wendy took the dhow around to Nungwi, visited the turtles and enjoyed some snorkeling.

(pole sana Evie...I can't seem to get this pic to turn clockwise!!...)
 For two days we wined, dined, chilled out, read, slept, had a massage, swam...chilled out some more in preparation for our safari.

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