2 October. Mwaka moja kabla...one year ago....

Niliandika mwaka moja kabla: One year ago I wrote:
…….As I dragged myself away from Gem....one of the hardest farewells I have done....my eyes were leaking rapidly as I walked through the International doors……..
Leo mwake uliopita nili kufika hapa Tanzania!
Today, last year, I arrived here in Tanzania!
I have been blessed with so many rewarding experiences;  shared my life with many, many wonderful people…locals/international volunteers/travelers/ transient visitors/professionals/acquaintances/people who have become my dear friends….; shared ups and downs; lived through very steep learning curves in just about every aspect of my life; worked for and with amazingly committed people who have given their time and energies to help our beautiful SEGA girls and their families; immersed myself in the lives of these special girls and consequently overwhelmed by the warmth and unrestricted love always generously given by them; watched the school grow and the girls blossom as their confidence and knowledge gradually increased; hiked the Uluguru Mountains here at my back door and met many of the local village people living high and deep in their folds; travelled far and wide through Tanzania and often been hosted by other dedicated Tz Vols; experienced living amongst the locals; struggled to get a functional vocabulary and an understanding of Kiswahili and Tz communication norms and idiosyncrasies; accepted the inconsistencies in delivery of umeme (electricity) and enjoyed living by candlelight; realized that regular internet access is quite a luxury and so adopted the internet café as my office when ICT wasn’t possible;  felt  the excitement of receiving snail mail (even if it wasn’t addressed to me!) in our PO Box; lived the tropical climate: the inconveniences and lethargy that comes with the wet, humid seasons in a developing country (purchased some African boots.. Crocs…to be able to walk from my house to the bus and everywhere else when it’s wet!); been awakened to the Tz political challenges and resultant daily frustrations; experienced sadness at the loss of life and disability due to road chaos and general lack of basic health care and nutrition; learned to practice patience and tolerance in every hour of my day and night!!
My learning curve is still steep but I feel ready to take on the next phase of my commitment to assisting our beautiful young girls and those who contribute to improving their lives. …

Je, nitahisia mwaka kesho? I wonder what I will feel next year?
 Heading off to school @ 7am....only to miss the bus! Sablano, our bus driver is the only Tz who arrives at his destination early!!( ...No Dad...I was not running late!!)
How do I get to my house:
Daladala: "Shusha Whitie House"
Taxi/piki piki: "Naenda nyumba nyeupe, gatie nyekundu, Kihonda"....or they usually understand the English version if I say it really slowly... "Whitie house.. red gate, Kihonda!"

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