pincushion...and Kelly!

Even though my Arican journey is following 'The Scenic route' I am so well known to follow!!...I am still getting my body in order to be able to live protected in Africa. Having had the Dental check up I discovered that I needed a crown on one of my heavily filled....but of course I had it done! The vaccinations necessary to protect this healthy body have also started...but I have had to have more blood taken out to check which conditions I have an immunity to already. (I'm not really good at keeping the essential health records so I guess this is the best path of action!) Each arm got a jab....and there's more to come....Atleast I have survived these ones without repercussions!
Another step to ensure the communication connection is going to happen during my absence from Aus (which is going to be essential for my survival and please keep in touch!)...was to buy myself a laptop. She was delivered today and is sooo neat! I have bought a few computers in my lifetime but this is the first one that's mine! Her name is Kelly, the computer, and I know she will become one of my best friends during my adventures! Yes....I am writing on her now and she is very friendly ....even for the..'not so computer literate'...namely...ME!..I know I will continue to learn.....
Oh well....I have just received notification that the small window of opportunity which presented itself earlier this year for our placements...has closed! We knew this was quite a likely outcome actually realise that I need to put my life on hold for another 2 or so months is frustrating. Having focused all my energies on 'getting ready to go' and now having to redirect wasn't easy until it was realised that I now had time to visit Gary in Hamburg and travel a little bit of Europe...visit some dear friends in France and connect with Gemma and the girls during their European travels...!!!...
So my flights are booked...I leave Melbourne 15th April and return to Melbourne 1 June!! I am Fizzing BIG TIME!!!... I will temporarily change the name of my blog to Fran's journey into Europe....and share my adventures with you....

The very beginning...

Hi my name is Fran Bruty. I am a Secondary Teacher of 28 years experience in many different curriculum passion being Nutrition, Health, Phys Ed, Outdoor Ed and all of the other areas involved in teaching Life Skills. Until 2 1/2 years ago I taught in rural Victoria at Bacchus Marsh Grammar, however I am currently teaching at St Andrew's Catholic College in Redlynch, a lovely town just north of Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia. I also coach swimming at The Marlin Coast Swimming Pool...our squad teams are dynamic and I love them for their tenacity and courage!
I am applying as a volunteer to work in Africa and as yet I am not sure what role I will be given... the most likely is that in Health Education or as a Trainer of teachers. I have been to Melbourne and participated in The P2V (Preparing to Volunteer) during 10-12 March.
Having read the literature recommended, I am researching at 'grassroots' get a better understanding of what to expect in Africa by contacting RVs (return Volunteers) As this is the first time I have been a volunteer I am learning so much from hearing about their adventures ...why they applied...highs and lows...coping with culture differences...expanding on the areas we covered in P2V.
P2V allowed 12 volunteers to meet and get to know each other in many interactive sessions...I so loved getting to know these people as they now become the core of our support network for surviving when we get to Africa as we will all be there at the same time experiencing similar challenges and excitements. We are very anxious to get our placements so that we can focus our energies on our placements and the actual country we will be living in!...but we know that PATIENCE is going to be a much needed quality over there so we are practicing being...patient!

I am back in Trinity Beach where I live doing the things we need to do in
I will keep you posted on any developments!