pincushion...and Kelly!

Even though my Arican journey is following 'The Scenic route' I am so well known to follow!!...I am still getting my body in order to be able to live protected in Africa. Having had the Dental check up I discovered that I needed a crown on one of my heavily filled....but of course I had it done! The vaccinations necessary to protect this healthy body have also started...but I have had to have more blood taken out to check which conditions I have an immunity to already. (I'm not really good at keeping the essential health records so I guess this is the best path of action!) Each arm got a jab....and there's more to come....Atleast I have survived these ones without repercussions!
Another step to ensure the communication connection is going to happen during my absence from Aus (which is going to be essential for my survival and please keep in touch!)...was to buy myself a laptop. She was delivered today and is sooo neat! I have bought a few computers in my lifetime but this is the first one that's mine! Her name is Kelly, the computer, and I know she will become one of my best friends during my adventures! Yes....I am writing on her now and she is very friendly ....even for the..'not so computer literate'...namely...ME!..I know I will continue to learn.....

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