one week until I get to use my passport!!

Wow...It's so hard to believe that I will be the one walking through those international doors at the airport ...they have always just swallowed up whoever I have taken to the airport to farewell....and there have been many of them during my lifetime!! Now I am happily going to be swallowed up and it's only one week away.
Getting organised for both Africa and Europe has been a bit of a head spin. People are genuinely interested in my African adventure and many of them have said that it is something they really want to do too. The lady I bought my cabin bag from today was so passionate about it that she had me engaged in a discussion for a long time....(the shop was very quiet)...but I was very happy to share my interest and passion for where I am heading and why I am pursuing volunteer work in a developing country. I believe that there are many of you out there who would take the opportunity to step sideways from the 'norm and comforts' of life in Aus and take the path I am on when the 'time is right' in your lives.....put the thought on the 'back burner' but don't bury it. I hope my diary will be an inspiration for you. However....for the time being...I am putting Africa 'on my back burner' because Europe is calling.
Mmmmmm....what a contrast in anticipated experiences! I am really looking forward to sharing time in Germany with my good friend Gary. He is working in Hamburg so this will give me the chance to experience his life as a Marine Engineer on a refit of a very expensive yacht on the 'other side of the world'! This will be rewarding but fun will also be had sharing the life in Hamburg.
I am planning to meet up with Gemma, my daughter, who is in Europe with 3 of her best friends....touring....for 8 weeks. We hope to connect in England at the end of their tour, 29 April ... before they head to New York to do the Sex In The City experience!! I can't wait to share time and country with them....I have many 'Mum' hugs to give and need just as many 'Daughter' hugs from all of them....I anticipate FUN....will let you know as it unfolds!
Concerts, Ice Hockey....Berlin....a weekend there and a Blue Man Group concert....then off to explore France and stay with Maryvonne's family and hopefully catch up with Edith and Bernard. These wonderful people brought French students to Bacchus Marsh Grammar and I was fortunate to host them and show them the treasures Victoria holds. Having met my dear friends and family they fell in love with all they encountered....Their plan is to share their treasures with me.... Lyon, St Etienne and their home country and I know I'm going to love it too...and have a ball!.
I am planning to do northern Italy and some of Switzerland and .......who knows.....wherever I want to go, and have time to visit, on my Eurail pass!!!

....Okay....I am slowly getting organised between coaching at the pool....(I so love being back with my squad kids)....and more up Tari Place ...and socialising......Happy 18th Em!
I'm heading to Victoria to get my winter clothes and catch my family and stay with Mum for a few days....then off to Tulllamarine...Thursday 15 April when I will be leaving Aussie soil!!

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