Tuesday 13 April - Thursday 15 April.....and so my adventure begins..

Yes..I'm on my way...having a stopover at Mum's in Ballarat! When I left Ballarat a few weeks ago I had left my warm winter gear here as I don't need it in TNQ and I thought that I would be back down about now doing my next days of training for Africa...! But...having organised Europe...I needed to either fly out of Brisbane or Melbourne to go to Hamburg so I chose to go to  Melbourne a few days earlier than departure so that I could collect my jeans etc...see the family...then fly out. So........here I am after several hectic days of getting organised and leaving the house safe and clean at Tari Place....in between getting more vaccination shots for Africa....and ofcourse the inevitable farewells...(How many farewells can a person have cos I've already had a few?... but each time they have been authentic and it's always a good excuse to catch up with friends and have a great time..thanks guys....it's just that I seem to keep changing direction and returning to places for the next chapter of my journey!!)

So...I thought I would catch you up on where I am because I will be recording my travels here on my blog....and, if I can work out how to download lots of pics at a time...I will share them as I go!!..catch you soon...

Cheers. xx

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