Wednesday.......(I think!)...My first day in Hamburg....(23/4..I have just realised that it was actually Thursday!!!)

....Hi ...just a very quick note to say that today has been a bit of a write off !
Yesterday ended with lots of fun and I was so excited but....

....Exhaustion, together with a long walk to orientate me to the metro, streets and main precincts....followed by wine and cheese in a beautiful setting...then on to a little bar a few doors up from the apartment Gary is in.....and where I'm listen to live music and immerse ourselves in the midweek night life......
......doesn't make for a very fit or healthy Fran!!!.....My lethargy is a little bit self inflicted but I seriously needed some catch up time and slept most of the afternoon!

I did, however, wake up this morning to a message from Ginger in Cairns asking me to share my journey since the last interview with ABC North radio just the other day!! Apparently they are very interested in my blog and what the next chapters will contain!!....So with about 30 minutes notice, I spoke again to the Far North and this time I actually remember most of what I shared!.....I didn't call Ginger, 'Hollie', this time as I have been told I did in the last crazy, dashing interview!
I really want to say a sincere  "THANK YOU" to my family and friends who have sent me emails, texts and good wishes of support. It was certainly a time when your encouragement and friendly voices were needed and definitely appreciated..... Please keep the communication happening.

We are off to share some Thai for dinner somewhere local....
Cheers til next time

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