Monday 26th April...the other part of my morning..

I found my way around the laundry at the apartment and when I returned to our little pad....the weather had turned bleak and it was raining quite heavily. I had to rethink my attire and plans to walk into the city along the second half of the tour route.....should I catch the train???...No, I love the fresh air so I put on my wet weather gear...bought a $3 umbrella and, armed with my walking tour booklet, I set off to explore in the invigorating...precipitous day!!!
Just before setting off I rang Dylan to wish him Happy Birthday....It’s great being able to talk to someone on the other side of the world and feel you are only a kilometre or less away....You still can’t give them a hug but it sounds like they are ‘just there’!.....He had enthusiastically celebrated his ‘leaving the teen years behind’ milestone with his mates on ANZAC Day and had recovered at the Cats vs Blues AFL game....sorry mate but I didn’t like the fact that Geelong had lost either!!.....Next a phone call to Mum and the crew at Indi St....letting them know that I was having a ball....but they already knew that thanks to easy communication lines...namely my blog! Love you guys!

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