Wednesday 21st April................I AM IN HAMBURG...NOT IN DUBAI!!! :-)))

We woke at 5am anxious to know what was happening....Hollie headed down to get her first vanilla coffee and check out the notice board to arrive back saying that UK airspace was open...She packed quickly and said farewell...again! I booted up Kelly and checked EK059 to Hamburg....It said: flying out at 9.00am! Move Fran....shower, pack, get on the bus....but .....hang on......a message from Hollie at the airport saying she had been informed that flights are being cancelled. I dragged all my bags off the shuttle bus and returned inside to discuss with Paul whether this information was accurate....He was very worried as the Premier Hotel have just booked out over 600 people in anticipation of travellers getting flights!!! He had no updated information on German airspace so I booked back into the hotel to secure my room for the night...not on Emirates but from my pocket......and returned to room boot up Kelly and get the online information from Emirates flight is still, supposedly, happening. After what happened to me yesterday, I was very anxious about trusting any information and very hesitant to rush off to the airport! I went downstairs, consulted Paul as to what I should do and he said to go to the airport and if I got a flight just to ring back and cancel my room and he would reimburse off I went....AGAIN...I caught a taxi but as he drove out the free shuttle bus arrived so I got out...paid the flag fall and headed off ....a lovely English gentleman was onboard and settled my anxiety....he was so laid back and confident we would get our flights, that I actually relaxed and decided that, if we didn't fly, atleast I had a room for the night!!!!!!!
As I approached the doors of the airport I could feel the negative energy rushing out through the doors........I didn't want to go through them! However, I marched on regardless.....and found myself in a relatively short line and treated very kindly. I was not on their passenger list for EK059 but my booking man said to wait for 15mins and he would let me know what was happening......I didn't even wait 2 mins...he had me booked on, bag checked and boarding pass in my hand...........STEP #1 had been achieved! Onward bound.....through the numerous customs checks then suddenly I was with the others...some were capturing the moment on camera and everyone was tentatively proceeding into the waiting area. We boarded quickly and sat for an eternity until the pilot moved the plane and we taxied down the runway and left Dubai soil......STEP #2 achieved.....Oh my..Oh my.....I really was on my way to Hamburg. My UK friends were still in queues with 100's and 100's of others trying to get out....I so hope they get a flights!
I think I was in shock....I was a mess really..... my emotions flew sky high with elation that I was on my way then they plummeted with tears of sheer exhaustion! These feelings reigned for about an hour when I realised that the plane was only about 40% full and there were plenty of spare seats. I found 4 seats to lay myself across and slept for 2 hours. I woke feeling so much better and ready to enjoy the excitement of anticipating the next part of my journey. I loved the free movies, the never ending food and the friendly service from Emirates...and finally arriving in Hamburg, dressed in shorts and t-shirt, to discover it was 6C and snowing!!! mmmm luckily I had left the jeans and fleecy in my cabin bag! When flight EK059 touched down, the whole plane erupted with cheering and clapping... of relief and joy at finally being on Hamburg soil!!
It was quick and easy to get through customs....almost like a domestic flight in Australia. After all the rigamarole in every gateway in Dubai, I was pretty confused when I walked through the doors where Gary was waiting.... as none of the checks had happened......Then suddenly ........I REALISED THAT.............................. I HAD ARRIVED IN HAMBURG!!!!


  1. Woo Hoo!!! You've finally made it!!! Enjoy....

  2. Thanks mate.....Who would have thought...????? I intend catching up on some sleep today then I'm really looking forward to exploring! Keep in touch. Cheers.


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