Saturday 24th April....Warsteiner Elbspeicher....with Trav & Twilla

The day began cold but blossomed into a beautiful Spring day during which I managed to get a bit sunburnt!
Before we headed out for the day I searched the net to get return flights to London...I wasn't very confident in securing them with the backlog of travellers still trying to get into the UK.....However, success was mine and I have flights booked arriving in Gatwick 10.20am, 27th April....and 2 nights in a hotel near Hyde Park area. I intend exploring London in the 2 days before Gemma and the girls arrive on 29th April.......I am getting really excited at seeing them and spending 'Girl' time with them. They are gorgeous girls and lots of fun..... I had a message from Gem yesterday, telling me that she was on crutches....A man tried to steal their bag of jackets and shoes when they were dancing on seats in a very crowded bar....Gemma saw him and jumped down and chased him.....consequently spraining her ankle!!!!!!......Poor darling.....I hope it heals quickly....she's pretty tough so I suspect she wont let it slow her down too much....GOOD news was that she intercepted him and got their gear back...You Hero Gem!!!.......I have a few days to explore even further after they leave London 2nd May....I fly out from Gatwick, back to Hamburg 4th May @ 5.30pm....which will hopefully give me enough time to get back here to the apartment and head off to the Ice Hockey match between Canada and Germany!
We took the walk which Gary does everyday towards the waterway, crossed the bridge to discover everyone else out and about enjoying the warmth and ambience of the waterside precinct.This is the area where the Fishmarket occurs on a Sunday. Along from there we joined Travis and Twilla, our friends whose wedding we enjoyed at Byron Bay 18months ago and whom I haven't seen since then. Seated out of the wind overlooking the water way, we were treated to impeccable friendly service and wined and dined our way through hours of non stop chat............a gourmet delight!!
We walked the precinct and took in the colors, the live music, the multitude of people soaking up the sights and sounds..........a train trip to another trendy area full of cafes and winebars ....Having shared a happy hour cocktail we parted with the anticipation of doing breakfast @ The Fishmarket on Sunday!
Saturday night in 'The Mile of Sin': ...............People and more people......groups of them being taken on the 'Tours of Sin & Sex'.....many of them, and all of the tour guides, were dressed up in an array of characters...!! We were totally entertained by a group of Doctors well and truly entrenched in the crazy-ness....(is that a word?...) of a Bucks night...dressed in relevant attire and sharing their fun with all of us who were just as crazy....or silly enough to participate....
...What more can I say other than...I was certainly entertained and happy that the Polize Station was right in the middle of it all!
Having dined on an American version of day was spent.....but GT, in true style....kicked on into the wee hours of the morning to the live music at Molly Malones......
I will fill you in on my foot tour a little later as I am heading off to the Fish market now....remember the guide book told me that the walking tour should take 4 hours??............well I have only completed half of it and it took me a solid 6 hours to get that far!!!! I must admit that I saw far more than the tour suggested...."Yes, I managed to go the scenic route a lot"....I got lost directionally at times but was totally lost in the amazing history unfolding before me!.....


  1. Dear Fran,
    So pleased that you are living your dream. I'm really enjoying your journey, enjoy each day of yours - you are an amazing woman, a real inspiration to many of us.
    Trish SACC

  2. Trish.....soooooo nice to know you are with me.....thanks Darling...stay happy. xxx


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