Oh well....I have just received notification that the small window of opportunity which presented itself earlier this year for our placements...has closed! We knew this was quite a likely outcome but....to actually realise that I need to put my life on hold for another 2 or so months is frustrating. Having focused all my energies on 'getting ready to go' and now having to redirect wasn't easy until it was realised that I now had time to visit Gary in Hamburg and travel a little bit of Europe...visit some dear friends in France and connect with Gemma and the girls during their European travels...!!!...
So my flights are booked...I leave Melbourne 15th April and return to Melbourne 1 June!! I am Fizzing BIG TIME!!!...
.....so I will temporarily change the name of my blog to Fran's journey into Europe....and share my adventures with you....


  1. Hey Fran!

    I don't think you need to change the name of your blog. Who says a journey into Africa needs to be direct? The more interesting journeys are often those with many side roads!

  2. great to hear you Krysie Darling....Yes I agree ...but this was not a part of the original plan...so...yes..just as well I have had a lifetime of learning to be flexible and adaptable!! Hope all is great with you Mum2B. xx


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