August...A significant birthday...

My Darling Mum's 80th birthday was August 10th. It's not every day someone reaches this milestone and I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to Skype her during my Conversational English class with the Moonshine Class. We surprised her with a video Skype call and the girls sang Happy Birthday and shouted "Hongera! Hongera! Shikamoo  Mama Fran, Bibi Gemma...."

They were so in awe of being able to see my dear Mum in Australia and to be able to talk with her. It is a sign of respect to be Shikamood....and of course they told Mum what she had to reply....."Marahaba" Technically Mum should be called Mama Sandie as she is Mum's first born however Mama Fran is more relevant in their lives so....Mama Fran it is! The girls idolise Gemma and I am often called Mama Gemma...especially if they really want to get my (Grandmother) Gemma is often used when talking about my Mum.

Family is so important to Tz's...and me... so to be able to connect with the head of my family was very special for the girls and me....even today....2 months later....they still refer to the day they talked with Bibi Gemma and how much they love her!
I will never forget the power of this day. It is the little things that happen that I find stop me in my tracks. I didn't realise the everlasting impression this relatively simple event would have in the lives of the girls who have a very limited understanding or exposure to the internet and its applications. Hopefully in my lifetime at SEGA I will contribute to their use of ICT and consequently help ICT become a more common research tool, more readily understood and utilised. The girls are hungry for this knowledge and skills. Since that momentous day we have video Skyped Camilla and phone Skyped Evie and Laura and have put in place the ability to Skype significant others in the girls lives who have visited and returned to their lives somewhere else around the world!
The Saturday after our Video/Skype connection my family gathered together to celebrate with Mum.

I love these gatherings and of course was not able to be there physically....however, I had sent Evie a typical Masaai painting which she framed and gave to Mum on my behalf at the party.
 I was lucky to time my phone call around the time gifts were being given...this pic is Mum talking to me in Tanz and you can see the framed painting proudly displayed. Asante sana Evie for negotiating the comedy of events which eventually saw the painting in Mum's hands!

 My dear Family: L-R: Eily, Sandie, Tony, Mama Fran (Patricia Philomena 1931 - ), Jules, Evie. 
I have this pic as my desktop pic and every time I turn Kelly on I have atleast 10 girls telling me about each dada (sister) or the one they seem to love the most...Kaka (brother)Tony!
 Wadada watatu:(the three sisters)  Mum, Auntie Mollie and Auntie Jean....not hard to tell they are dadas! 
I hope I am as fit and as mentally alert as these girls when I am in my 80's!

The girls pour over all my pictures of these girls, in awe of their lifestyles, their fashion and their Western beauty. 
Mum should technically be called Bibi Dionne as D is the eldest grandchild the SEGA girls....
Gemma is the significant one! Pole D!

Heri ya siku themalini ya kazaliwa  sana. Hongera Mama yangu tamu. Ninakupenda xxx
Have a happy 80th birthday my darling Mum. Congratulations. I love you. xxx

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