14 November 2011. My birthday...hamsini na mbili.

 Claire aka Paddy, Hanna aka Sean and Mickey..Me

 Party girls
 Some of the boys who helped create our crazy night out in Morogoro
...Shalin, Chris and Tom.or was it
....Daisy, Wilhelmina and Bambi????
Claire and Hanna had finally made the trek out to share a weekend with me in Morogo which happened to be the one just before my birthday...
Simple sundowners turned into a very funny night out in Morogoro. It's usually the way things happen! The best fun times usually aren't planned...they just unfold...and so it did!
Sunday morning I had to make my way to Tanesco and buy more umeme so the fridge would work again and we treated ourselves to another breakfast of pancakes and tropical fruits!

We were all a bit tired so pumzika we did. I really liked my newly aquired alias birthday present Tz gear!

 14 November at SEGA:

 Form 2s studied for their National exams having already completed the morning one..
 The skies opened!
the fundis continued to work hard building our new classrooms and dormitories even through the rain..
 but...the obligatory chai break is taken just as the rain stopped!

 Nusura who tries so hard to master English
 Form 1 girls
 Chukula za mchana.

 Vaselista tasted the gold!
Subira was happy because she had just spoken with Gemma who had rung me with birthday chat and cheers.
 ...and so they continued to study...
 ...until finally it was time to begin the next exam.
 Pre Formals joined me...whilst Shangwe typed me a birthday message.
....and wrapped me up in my birthday gifts to keep me warm..
"Just like the women on Zanzibar"  
.... they kept saying!!
 Movie Star treatment as Happy wrapped my headgear exactly as the Muslim women do it!
....and then they sang the 50th rendition of
"Happy Birthday Madam Fran..."
...and so I posed just like the girls do when the camera comes out!!

My day ended with being asked if I could sleep over because Matron was still unwell. So Matron Fran took her birthday dinner with her African family and loved it as it was the best place I could have been when I couldn't be with my real family !!
I have had a wonderful birthday.
ASANTE SANA RAFIKI LANGU for all your wishes and calls.
Nina kupenda sana.
Nime furahi SANA!
Thanks gang...love you all....I am so very happy!

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