Community Outreach: Volunteering in our Communities: August. 2011

As part of our Lifeskills/Leadership program we are developing at SEGA, During Semester 2 we  included and began the Community Outreach component of the program addressed in Outcomes 3 and 4 of our curriculum vision. Our girls are given the opportunity to plan for then volunteer their time and skills to help, support and learn from their peers, families and disadvantaged or needy groups in their community.

Leadership and Life Skills Development Program

4. Girls
recognise and work towards reducing differences between Disabilities; cultural; gender.
5. Girls
feel connected to their communities and can identify community needs.

Outcomes 4: TAKE ACTION
1. Girls demonstrate productive decision making and organisational skills.
2. Girls
can speak for themselves and others.
4. Girls
develop environmental awareness, appreciation and care.
5. Girls
actively reach out to their community; volunteering their time and skills to give to and learn from others: peers, family, the needy and disadvantaged.

Our first activity was held in August when some of our Nurturing Minds family were visiting SEGA. They shared the experience of our day volunteering at Mission Home For Homeless Children which is the Orphanage situated about 2 kms down our track.

Two of our students live here and their joy in having our Form 1 girls give to their family was felt in their reflection letters.
............On behalf of the children of Mission To The Homeless Children (MHC), we received guests from SEGA Girls School, my school friends, who came to help us to accomplish different tasks. They helped us in a lot, first they helped in our farm preparing food, peeling and maize, cook breakfast, also we had a friendly football match between boys and girls and the winner were girls with 3 to 1 for boys. Then breakfast followed. After that it was time to play music, do drawing, we danced together with their teachers starting from Madam Polly, Madam Naomi, Madam Ashley, brother Campbell and sister Isabel. Most of us made a lot of friends. SEGA girls showed us a lot of love and we really felt bad when they had to leave us but we escorted them and hopeful they will come again.

..............The children of MHC we would like to thank the students of SEGA Girls of Form 1 together with their teachers. The day they visited us and volunteered was a very happy day for us.
We would like to thank them for cooperating with us, doing a lot of tasks. We farmed, peel maize, cook breakfast together cleaned dishes, then we danced,  play football drew and swinged in the play area.
We would like also to send our regards to Campbell, Ashley, Isabella and Walker for volunteering too.
We welcome SEGA Girls again to our centre. Thank you very much and God Bless you.

 Everybody helping out! Great work Counselor Pauline.

 Preparing chai and helping out in the kitchen.
 Our girls had made mandazi before they had left SEGA and happily shared their tasty breakfast.

 Artists at play!
Story time with the younger ones.

 So true!!

 The friendly match of football which the girls proudly won: 3-1 against the boys!

 song and dance for everyone...
...even Babu Simba joined in the fun!

 A time to share thoughts and friendship.

 Naomi thanking everyone involved in the successful sharing of time, skills and friendships at MHC.

 The walk home was eagerly shared but regretfully the day had to end.
Kwa heir SEGA....rudi HMC tena!
Unfortunately for me I missed this day of fun and sharing. I had helped organise it but was away in Tanga with the Form 2's on the day it took place. Nevertheless....I certainly felt the excitement from the Form 1 girls on my return to SEGA. They were very excited and enriched by the experience and nearly all of them wanted to tell me about their day and their own special moments. Such a powerful experience!

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