Community Outreach: #2 Healthy Living Seminar @ SEGA: October. 2011

 Next on our Outreach Program was an educational seminar which we held in October. It was designed to benefit both our girls and the Secondary aged students from the Mission Home for The Homeless. Being an all girls' school, it was a win/win situation to invite the MHC students. Sharing correct information and having the guys participating in discussions on sexuality and adolescent health issues proved productive and very successful.....Also everyone enjoyed the opportunity to socialise and get to know their neighbors better.

The following is the report I wrote after this event:
SEGA Girls Secondary School. 22/10/2011
Our girls opened the seminar with our traditional "Welcome Visitors" song.
85 students, girls from Forms 1 & 2 @ SEGA and girls and boys in Forms 1-4 @ The Home For The Homeless, were actively involved in the Community Outreach seminar at SEGA, Saturday 22 October. The seminar was presented to educate and to develop positive self esteem and relationships in young adolescents which nurture respect for females and males. Volunteering in the community and supporting the needs of others is a focus of the Lifeskills program for SEGA girls. Being able to share both academically and socially with the youth of our neighboring orphanage was very rewarding.

                   The young people peer teaching...... sharing their knowledge.
 Counselor Pauline leading the information session.

The seminar was led by SEGA’s school counselor, Pauline Rusisye and the Lifeskills team Naomi Mabina, Fran Bruty and supported by Grace Johns. The day was interactive with students involved in group activities and discussions; presenting their own knowledge; learning from each other’s experiences and leading activities. Information from audio/visual materials, a popular local youth magazine which deals with gender issues and informative STI/HIV posters and brochures were used.
The topics included:
                     Adolescent development beginning with the importance of good nutrition and exercise.
                     Body changes
                     Sexual desires
                     Concept of sexuality
                     Risk Behaviours; Teenage pregnancy with its effects
                     Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV/AIDS
The afternoon session allowed time for reflection on the information presented and generated productive discussions about planning for future and developing healthy relationships to ensure our youth are making good decisions in their lives


Sharing information gathered during group activities.
Watching the movie: "Yellow Card" 
An educational story designed to promote discussion in adolescents about issues related to sexual activity. The resultant discussions were very productive and enlightening for all the young people involved. 
The seminar included sharing chai and lunch followed by some social fun with music and dancing. Definitely a successful social activity as the youths relaxed and chatted and enjoyed getting to know each other during their favorite past time of dancing.

 Mama Mpishi working hard in the kitchen to provide lunch for everyone.
Time for dancing and socialising.
The success of the day was reflected in the comments from some of the SEGA girls and our visiting youth from the Orphanage:
“….today’s seminar was so beautiful and it was my first seminar with both boys and girls….”
“….I would like for the seminar to be done after every 1-2 months because it helps us, the youth, to be confident and to know how to make good relationships……”
“….The seminar was great! Today I learned very many things because before this seminar I wasn’t confident to make decisions to help me be strong…”
“…..we need to be strong and know that girls are good and confident like the boys. Today I know that we can be….”
“….I am very delighted for being invited to the seminar, I did not expect I would come for this but I am very happy I did come to SEGA and meet the teachers and the girls here….”

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