Introducing Jonas! Thanks Gemma.

Having visited the Posta and excitedly collected a parcel, I was tearful as I opened it, discovering a very special soft toy inside. It was from Gem to Me with wishes for a Happy Birthday and a safe journey home to Aus in a few weeks time. I told the girls at school about him and they made me promise to bring him to meet them the following day.
I had just stepped on the bus when the girls pounced on me demanding I show them my treasure. That was almost the last I saw of him for the whole day! I challenged them to name him and by the time we arrived at SEGA he had been Christened: Fernando.
Nusura nurtured him as if he was her own child....slung him on her back and all the girls greeted him and welcomed him to SEGA.

He attended the Pre Form Intensive English program.... can see him wrapped up asleep on the desktop!

...was loved by all the girls...

....and treated to Mama Mpishi's delectable mandazi and chai!

the birds and the bees.....
Are babies found in the cabbage patch????
...or in the passion vine????

The girls had so much fun with him that day I just didn't have the heart to take him from them when the day ended. By this time the Form 1 and Form 2 girls had joined in and had befriended him well and truly. One thing changed during the day and I'm still not sure why but.....Fernando became Jonas and.....still is today! He had his first weekend sleepover last weekend. Form one had him Saturday and during that night then Form 2 cared for him through Sunday and the night.

He even joined in our fun at the International School last Friday during one of our Form 2 Enterprise Marketing activities. I'm sure he brought us luck...

Thanks have  given much happiness to many people!

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