November 15. Form 2...Our Enterprising Girls... Phase 1: Production

The white t-shirts were tied and secured 
And so the National Exams are over and the Form 2 girls have been invited to part take in an activity which will introduce them to the world of Business. The vision for SEGA is that we will eventually be financially self sustaining. 2012 will see the introduction of small business projects in which the girls will be actively involved. To give them an insight into the competitive market,  Julia and Hugo, members of the Foundacion Paraguayan  who are spear-heading the project for the next two years, are working with the Form 2 girls. Kennedy Wilson, our English teacher, is coordinating the next project for the 2 weeks. Rhoda and Josephine have been chosen student leaders of the activity by the girls.
Before the exams, 2 weeks ago, the girls elected to sell tie-dyed t-shirts in the town of Morogoro. They had made them 18months ago with Sandra and Ashley, volunteers to SEGA, and were excited that they were actually owning the whole process and doing something they chose to do. It meant a lot of quick thinking and seeking and accessing materials and information...
  .....finally  it all came together on Wednesday!! 
An example of great team work! 
Thanks Polly, Lydia and Jessie

Hugo, Polly and Jessie with the girls discussing the process...
....and the soda soak began.
The yellow powder stubbornly wouldn't dissolve .....
...try as we did!!
Kennedy leading the team discussion of costs and logistics...
Would the groups sell ALL shirts tie dyed?
....or could there be a market for selling plain white T-Shirts?
which apparently, are hard to buy in Morogoro.
more discussions and decisions...

white....or tie dyed???
The girls worked in small teams to prepare, soak, mix dye,
whilst Rhoda did a stock take.
finally the dyeing process started. The whole shirt was immersed in two colors of dye. 
This is what the girls remembered of the process they had used previously. 
As this was their production they chose to experiment to decide how they were going to proceed in completing the dyeing process.
Rhoda recorded statistics.
mmmmm...the first shirt is revealed
and hung out to dry
Intense discussions resulted as the girls were clearly disappointed with the result of the first sample.
A variety of suggestions were given.
Jessie's bottle application of the dye in smaller, controlled amounts was tested.

The results immediately sparked renewed enthusiasm from the girls!
Josephine happily continued leading the action
Learning to handle set backs, disappointments whilst still continuing to find appropriate desirable solutions is all part of the process of becoming a business woman. 
The Girls have certainly had a taste of this during Phase 1!
But.....there is still a lot of work to be done before hitting the streets selling their goods!
During the next two weeks the girls will continue to learn about, and experience the realities of being a woman in business! 
Go girls!!

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