11 March. And so the games begin......

Excitedly the girls, Meshack and Stephen put the volleyball net in place, and so began the learning of new skills. Grace outshone the staff players with determination but the boys enthusiasm and skills were evident. With careful coaching and new drills to practise serving and hitting the ball, the girls quickly learned the techniques and moved on to play the game.

Laughter and shouts of delight could be heard from afar. An active hour in the hot afternoon sun went quickly. The players were tired, their arms were sore but their grins remained as later, they reminisced about their successes. Netball and football (soccer) ever popular games here, also captured the girls' energy during the hour, with similar outcomes. Having only just received their new school sports uniforms, the Non-Formal girl as proudly joined in. With an extra 30 girls swelling our team numbers, competition was fierce.!

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