My holiday journal continues: June – July 2011.

A quick reflection on the outcome at the posta saga: I finally extracted my parcels….
One from Mum….knitting needles and balls of beautiful Aussie wool….all of which I have nearly finished by knitting beanies for the children in the cold mountain areas.
And the other parcel from by gorgeous kids: Mothers Day arrived!! Of course I was in tears as I excitedly opened it to discover their precious treasures. I love you dearly guys!
Back to Zanzibar:
I returned to Zanzibar to partake in the ZIFF (Zanzibar International Film Festival). The second night happened to be showing an Aussie film with Ernie Dingo… many parallels with here!
I accepted an invitation from Anthea stay with her in Nungwi and go diving!

Wow…in the years living in TNQ I hadn’t taken the opportunity to scuba dive and was ecstatic to finally have the opportunity. Of course I loved it! Underwater I could easily have been in Aussie waters on the Barrier reef. Such beauty. I know I will return to get my certificate one day!

Thanks Anthea for sharing and for the fun we had! I could easily live on Zanzibar with the ocean surrounding me!

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