2 - 6 July Marangu, Tanga, Peponi Beach Resort.

We kicked up our heels on Friday night with TFFT team  at the Soccer club/Coffee plantation. In a spacious, secluded and very decadent setting we shared birthday drinks and food to celebrate both Adam and Uswegi's birthdays. Before we left Arusha we spent time catching up with VSO Arusha vols (Health) Barbara and Peter, and unexpectedly, Anthea and her friend Paul,who were returning from Serengeti. Having farewelled Anthea in Zanzibar before I went to Same, I didn't think I would see her again but, luck was in, and we shared a fun afternoon  with everyone together!
Early Sunday we set off to Marangu past Moshi. 
We had no real concept or understanding of where we actually were as we hadn't done our homework properly. Instead I had only received directions from Suzanna and John telling us how to get to them. On the dala dala we were told that Marangu is only 6 kms from the gate. In our ignorance, we asked "Which gate?" mmmmmmm....Silly wazungu! The gate at the start of the Marangu route to climb Kilimanjaro!!! It is rare for Kili to unveil her mountain as the clouds shroud her the majority of the time. This day was not different and, as we hadn't really orientated ourselves, we weren't aware that the climb we were on was actually the base of Kili!!! Once we had been enlightened....we became acutely aware of its beauty and imposing aura! It just took us time to slow down and really smell the roses!! We were so excited by the time we arrived at the Marangu Hotel where we shared a pleasant Sunday afternoon with two dear VSO friends. 
John & Suzanna Egan. Irish VSO vols Marangu (Education) enjoying a pleasant Sunday afternoon at the base of Kilimanjaro.

 Sundowners on the balcony watching the eagle fly in to feed her babies.

 ....and yet another feast....Thanks Suzanna and John for your wonderful hospitality. Instead of staying only one night....next time I will stay and explore your beautiful part of Tz.
 We caught the bus to Tanga, a 5 hour journey. Walked the town, made our way down to the beach, but returned to our humble little guest house, Ocean Breeze, as it was the only place we could find open to get a feed and a drink! Breakfast nest morning was across the road at the local market. We enjoyed freshly cooked chapati, egg and hot sweet chai before enduring the rugged trip down towards Pangani where we had booked two nights at Peponi Beach Resort.  a near perfect setting to chill, read, walk the pristine beach, relax, watch the daily routine of the locals and recharge our batteries!!

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