Peponi to Pangani then to Zanzibar by dhow.

Having left Peponi Beach at 6am we arrived at Pangani to be greeted by a calm ocean. We were happy! We had decided to make our way to Zanzibar by dhow. Fortunately we shared with two others whom we had met at the resort. Originally we had wanted to cross to Pemba then make our way down to the main island of Zanzibar, Unguja however, time wasn't on our side, so we found ourselves in this dhow which was powered by a small motor....Definitely an experience I will always remember.

Our two anxious travellers had dosed themselves with sea sickness meds to prevent the nausea but unfortunately it eventually made them very sleepy. Phyl and I happily took on the ocean which became quite lumpy the further we travelled.
The day broke with a magnificent sunrise....AWESOME!
Me in my element....absolutely loving the whole experience....lumps and all!!!
We were half way between the mainland and Zanzibar with only water on view as far as the eye could see!!

A lucky catch on the line the boys had trailed behind us!

 ....and so the dhow journey ended as we neared Nungwi...which we had been led to believe was going to be Kendwa. Hamna shida...We caught a taxi the few kms south and settled into the very comfortable Kendwa Rocks resort.
 We spent two whole days lazing right here...relax, read, swim, eat, drink, repeat!

Another perfect sunset and a perfect finish to my holidays!
Thanks Phyl and all my friends for sharing and making it so special.
(PS...on my return trip to Dar all the other passengers were terribly seasick...I was just okay and arrived after dark in Dar a bit seedy. The taxi dropped me at Hanna's, my hair still full of salt from my earlier swim, only to be thrown a dress to wear and pushed into a taxi to join the others at a fellow VSO's wedding!!!
I did really try to say "NO"!! ...but....we had heaps of fun!!)

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