23 Oct. Off on an adventure to Njombe via Iringa to stay with my Mama Afrika, Philomena.

Me and My Mama Afrika, 

Philomena and me.

Off on another adventure. Jack and I left Morogoro and travelled the familiar road to Iringa. I was in my element. It felt like I could easily be in outback Australia because the dry, undulating sparse country held the colors and vision similar to that which I have experienced many times as I traveled into the less populated areas back home! This type of driving is therapeutic and uplifting for me. I drove on almost alone on the never ending road only occasionally having to overtake trucks gasping their way up and over the mountain ranges. Half way to Iringa from Morogoro I drove through The Baobab Valley. It goes on and on and on for many, many, kilometers. The majestic old Baobabs looking like they had buried their heads in the dusty red soil and their bottoms and roots in the air, beckoned me! I just had to stop. They were calling me to come to them. So stop I did! I wandered into the Valley and stretched my legs. In a quiet little setting I discovered a Mama na mtoto scrubbing their few pieces of clothing. Slowly without seeming to have a worry in the world they complimented each other, unaware of my intruding eyes. So peaceful. I ertainly didn't feel fearful or alone in the wilderness.
The Baobab flanked by the ever faithful ,flat topped acacia tree
The dry season is nearly over and the grand old Baobabs are starting to come alive. their fingers are gracefully tipped with pure white blossoms...sparse but evident that the rains are coming. ..... and so the journey continued.....and the road stretched on ahead........
 The sad fact is, that when you are traveling these long barren roads, many of which are not well maintained, you frequently come across truck or car litter. This is an example of having crested a hill to have a fresh accident confront you! This was the 5th fresh incident I had come across. Fortunately, the truck remained on the road because if it had rolled, it would have landed down in the river flowing below. It appeared that no other vehicles had been involved! A small blessing in a tragic scenario.
 On arriving in Iringa I went straight to Neema's Crafts, one of my favourite coffee shops and Craft Centre where I ordered food, coffee and rang my dear friend and Mama, Philomena.
The next 24 hours were filled with laughter and non-stop talk. Meeting her friends catching up on everything. We walked the soko (market) buying food for the amazing Tz meal she was to cook us that evening. I laugh every time I visit her because she is almost the Tz Imelda Marcos!! 
The next morning we visiting the Teachers College where she proudly introduced me to all her Colleagues, friends and students including the College Principal.

At The Iringa Teachers' College with the College Principal.
The College grounds.
Philo and Jack at Philo's home. 
Farewell Mama Afrika, I will return next week after the Njombe experience!

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