1 July. .....and so my journey continues.....

Just letting you know that I have had an offer of a placement in Africa. I am yet to respond but the information and job description is very promising....one which I am very excited about as it meets many of my first preferences in my application, and one which I will be applying for.

My job Title is: Participatory Learning Advisor.....in laymans terms this involves assisting the school in delivering and assessing a curriculum based on learning through interactive and hands on activities focusing on improving their comand over English and Business sense. Most of my role is working with the Headmistress and the teachers, however I will be teaching and team teaching. The school is a secondary boarding school in Mkundi, on the outskirts of Morogoro Urban in Morogoro province, Tanzania. SEGA (Secondary Education for Girls' Advancement) began in 2010 with 27 students.
My placement begins 3rd October, 2010. As my accomodation is 10km from the school, and the roads and public transport are challenging, I will be required to get my motor bike license and use a bike as my mode of transport!

For those of you interested in learning more about where I will be you can use the following link:


I will continue recording my journey in my blog:

Keep in touch as I know I am going to need your support during the two years I will be in Africa.

Love Fran.

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