13 July. It's official...SEGA wants me!

Yes it certainly is official....I AM definitely going to Tanzania.
Max from AVI, rang me to tell me that the response to my offer was accepted with great enthusiasm and that I have been invited to do a phone interview with SEGA to fine tune my skills to their needs...My understanding of this is that they want to be able to utilise my diverse range of skills to the best possible advantage. Apparently it's not done very often but when it is, it is seen as high praise!!
I return to Melbourne for 3 days of inservicing - SKWID: Skills for working in Development which occur 4-6 August and 4 days of training to obtain my motorbike license!
I haven't heard any other dates yet but I know that I start my placement 3 October and am required to do 4 weeks of In Country (Africa) inservicing....so I guess I will be leaving Australia at the start of September!

I have spoken via email, with Sandra, the teacher I will be replacing, and she has given me a very positive report of the position, the school and life in Morogoro.... also some great practical info...I will certainly be keeping in touch with her during the next month or so!

I will keep you informed as I progress onwards!

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