Wednesday 1 September. Update & a minor set back!

So much has happened since I wrote last of my acceptance into SEGA!!
I have been to Victoria and;
...completed the SKWID (Skills for working in Development) much much so focused!
....visited the Travel Doctor coming away with kits full of all sorts of drugs and health aids....for a girl who doesn't do medication unless extremely necessary...this was quite confronting...but necessary!
.....met some wonderful people and learned of where their placements are in Africa...around discussions of..."We will have to catch up for weekends and visits...." This is like saying: "I will pop over to Broome from Melbourne for the night!!!"....But with technology we will certainly build on the friendships and networks or support whilst incountry.
....Hit Elizabeth Street one Saturday morning....with the 100's of other motorbike enthusiasts....and purchased my protective gear. Shoei helmet and Danaisse jacket, gloves and boots....COOL!!!...yes the gear is designed for the tropical weather!

....Caught up with my kids and family....then back to TNQ.

Having been back up north, I have spent many days researching, pursuing and finalising the necessary details for setting up the next 2 years. I was so lucky to have Evie, my sister, come and stay with me for a week!

Lots of time devoted to catching up with my friends and doing some relief teaching back at St Andrews.

I was booked to do the Grade 6 camp at Mt Carbine during the last week of term 13-17 September. I did this camp last year with the Grade 7's and had a fantastic's one of the things I really love to do with the kids and staff in any school!


AVI had organised me to do my motorbike training with Q-Ride up here in Queensland. As I have a Queensland license, I had to do my bike license here as well, hence my return to QLD.

As arranged,Thursday 26 August, I attended Day1....the only student there! A one-on-one training......and I LOVED it! It was soooo good to be back on a bike. Having had many years of riding one on the farm as a kid, getting my license in my late teens.....then not having riden for about 10 years sure felt good!
Day 2:
I  had finished all competencies easily and was feeling confident and relaxed with the bike when.......we think that I didn't decelerate effectively and over braked as I came into the corner.....yet I have done this so many times before....I don't really know why I didn't pull the clutch in!!!  I was only doing 25-30ks but it was enough for me to hit the ground, left shoulder first fracturing my collarbone, then my head hit as my body slid across the ground. I must have tried to roll out of the way of the bike as it eventually came down onto the left side of my body fracturing a rib and my ankle bone!! My coach, couldn't get the bike off me for ages as he couldn't get enough leverage. I can remember it all in slow motion as, fortunately I remained conscious.
Firebrigade....Police cars...then finally the ambos....high as a kite on several green sticks full of drugs....X-Rays ....a lot of leaving hospital until a drip is used to hydrate and nourish me....The next day, Saturday, I kept throwing up so back into hospital....eventually had my head scanned and given the all clear with the revelation that the pain relief was too strong for me....finally got out of the hospital......OMG!

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  1. My goodness, Fran! You don't do things by half! I've seen from later posts, that you are recuperating. Thank goodness! You take care of yourself!!!
    Hark! I hear a 10 week old calling. He's such a cat-napper!


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