Thursday, 2 September. Fracture Clinic

Thanks heaps to everyone for all the offers of help and love during the past week. This motorbike stack has interrupted my plans to get to Africa however....I know things will work out!!!
I went to the fracture clinic today to learn that my left ankle has soft tissue damage which tends to take longer to heal than hard tissue. The plaster came off and I am now sporting the beautiful fashion accessory (not!) of a black moonboot....atleast it was brand new! It is removable so atleast I will be able to shower. I will use this for a fortnight when I will have x-rays done again to determine whether I can live without it. Hopefully this will be the case as it will take me a week or two to get the muscles in shape again.

My Doctor was more concerned about my fractured clavicle and its position. She was disappointed that it hadn't been immobilised last Friday. I guess I was lucky that my left side was so sore which restricted my use of my left are since the accident. If the bone moves at all it will need to be operated I am also sporting a full navy blue sling.... (no thought has been given to my fashion accessories at all... disappointing really!), consequently my left arm has become redundant. I am not allowed to use it as a lever or for weight hand is still useable to an extent, but I have to be careful during the next fortnight which is the critical time frame.

The impact all of this has had on my preparations for Africa leaves me with having to make some decisions:
1. Fly out on 2 Oct. My Doctor believes that she will be able to sign me off with a clean bill of health. This leaves no time for riding motorbikes!
2. Fly out one month later: This is an off-cycle departure and one that is not encouraged as Volunteers take much longer to settle and become disorientated. This would allow me time to get my health balanced all round as well as obtain my bike license. The very real disadvantage of this option is that I would miss the In Country Training. I believe that this is an essential part of my assimilation into Tanzanian culture, setting up my networks with other Vols throughout Africa....especially in Tanzania as well as learning the basics of Kiswahili.
3. Fly out in January with the next batch of departures......(I'm not sure whether I would be sane by then!!)

Having spoken to Aarathi, my coordinator at AVI, I now realise that to ride my bike in Tanzania I only need my Learners permit....apparently after 6 months it rolls over into a full license in Tanzania.....I will verify that though... but atleast it gives me a chance to ride intially then, if I have to go for the license in Tz then I can with confidence. I am confident in my ablilities on the bike ..(even though the ground and I met!) and am not concerned about getting back on it.

Aarathi and I will speak again tomorrow to discuss the outcome of her report to the Project Office. They might not even offer me a one month delay/off-cycle departure.
I realise that my decision will evolve ......and....What is meant to be....will be!

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