Saturday. 4 September..improving!

Each day I am feeling a little bit stronger. Today when I removed the compression bandage from my foot, it didn't seem to look as bad as it did yesterday! However.....As many of you know, I was never meant to be a nurse.... I have to work hard not to faint when dealing with blood and guts and when I unveiled my foot and saw it for the first time yesterday, I nearly passed out on the spot! I was so grateful that I was near the bed and laid down for some time before daring to look back at the disaster area that was attached to my leg! Poor foot! I felt so bad at not wanting to look at it let alone look after it!!
"Come on Fran....You can do it....You're a Bruty....!"
......and yes, of course I got on with the job. I revelled at the relief of my first shower and being able washing my hair, as challenging as it was with one arm!

Early to bed after a big day of packing up! Foot throbbing from rushing blood...I think this was healthy even though I was tired, as soft tissue repair depends on good blood flow.....
Today is a day of rest...I promise!! 


  1. Oh Lordy, that looks SO painful! I hope you DID rest...I think you definitely need it!

    Just thought I'd let you know that I have just made my second loan to Kiva - the microfinance organisation - and decided this time I would lend to someone in Tanzania so I could help them too! This is the group here:

    So if you happen to come across them (probably not likely, but stranger things have happened!), say HI from me! :-)

    Keep taking care! :-D


  2. Fantastic Emma, You are a very thoughtful and generous person. Microfinancing is a vital part of helping these people become sustainably self sufficient....and as you know, every little bit of help is so important! I will keep my eyes/ears open to try and locate them during my stay. Great work should be proud of yourself! Cheers.


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