Monday, 13 September

Today was the day I was supposed to be joining my St Andrew's colleagues and heading off on the Year 6 Camp to Mt Carbine!...
Sadly I had to text them and wish them smooth sailing and happy times without me! Having joined them last year, I have a very good understanding of the activities planned and consequently the fun that is to be had and the friendship that are forged as the staff bond together, working 24/7 to create a memorable week of events. Outdoor playing, outdoor eating, outdoor everything just about... except sleeping.... in a fabulous setting and hopefully in perfect TNQ winter weather.....what more could the kids want? Good luck team!

Our weather during the weekend was picture perfect. Sunday we spent the day chilling at at Ellis of the most beautiful of the northern beaches.Some of us swam for hours in the waves....yes....waves that could knock you over....and some of us slept on the warm comfy sand.....(that was me!!) .....and some of us just enjoyed watching the fun from the Bungalow deck where Lynnie and Doug were staying...premium beachfront living.....Enjoy your 3 days holiday Lynnie and Dougie!!
We were celebrating our last chance to all be together before trips interstate and overseas necessitate the inevitable farewells for myself and all of the wonderful Thompson gang.....

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