Friday 17 September...packing up..

I woke up this morning with the realisation that I was healthy again and consequently bounded out of bed (well...not quite as nimbly as I have usually but certainly with much more confidence and ease than in the past few weeks!!) in anticipation of a day fraught with less anxiety and full of excitement of times to come!

Yesterday was quite a pivotal day for me and a very productive one.
Having received the positive news from my Doctor, I returned to Tari Place with Abbie and Kieran and we set about packing my life into boxes and a suitcase, as my time there was quickly coming to an end. Thanks heaps guys for your time and muscles and I hope the few things you are able to use of mine will remind you of me whilst I am away.

The day was completed with Jo and Jaydon collecting Maggie, my sea kayak (with the anticipation of them using her to enjoy many hours of paddling in my absence.....I know they will use her heaps and get the same enjoyment from her that I have loved!) then we celebrated at Lunicos with a beer and pizza.

We sat chatting, overlooking our beautiful beach and loving the balmy evening, as Jo shared her tentative plans of travelling to Africa to climb Kilamanjaro with me......"Just Do It Jo!!....(and that goes for anyone else out there who would like to visit me during the next 2 years....."Please, just do it"!!)

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