Tuesday, 7 September. Shopping...disabled!

Having spent several hours shopping at our largest Mall in Cairns, I certainly have a much better understanding of the challenges one faces when one is not so able and consequently take my hat off to all those people who live their lives permanently in this state. It's the little things like...
: the huge amount of energy it takes to get from one area to another or even just to moving around in any one shop
: negotiating stairs and escalators especially when I wasn't sure which foot to use to alight from the quickly moving staircase...I had never realised how fast these things move!!

As it wasn't a big shopping day, these 2 things were my greatest challenges but I was aware of the fact that it would be nearly impossible for me to quickly nick into the change room and try any clothing on because to remove Bazza boot takes ages.... I must admit that the temptation got the better of me and I gingerly tried on a lightweight, longsleeved sunsmart shirt (similar to my Comumbia hiking pants!). It was worth the investing in the time and energy as I know I will use it often in Africa and beyond!

After only about 1/2 hour, I decided that it was coffee and cake time....my shopping 'spree' was over however, I was tempted to highjack the little supercars parents can hire to push their kids around Cairns Central.....not sure if adults are allowed to use them though and I would have prefered #4 in red!!!

Another option was to put to use the abandoned shopping trolley....I had to laugh as this thought brought back memories of the crazy times we had in Warrnambool.....

I had taken my 2 sons and all their boisterous, energetic teenage friends to Coles to help with the shopping. As we were all camping together it was part of the deal that they helped out with everything.....I looked up and was nearly mown over by a stampede of emerging energy..... the boys were racing each other around in the trollies from one end of the store to the other via every aisle...their politeness to the other customers could be heard as they careered through the store...."Excuse us...toot toot...have a great day....want to hop on board?....oops....Sorry Pretty girl-want to join us at the beach tonight?......I'll get that from the top shelf for you Sir....."!! Oh My Goodness......(It is a wonder we didn't get kicked out and asked never to return but I think the little angels talked their way out of that challenge as well!)
Oh, if only atleast ONE of my boys had been here with me, I would have been very tempted to give the trolley a run!! :-)
I was very excited at having received my much needed visa in the mail and decided that I really needed a documents wallet for tavelling and keeping all my relevant items safe and easily accessible. So, Ena, I have replaced your travel bag I valued during my whole Europe adventure with a slash proof organiser of my own!

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  1. Oh Granny you have made me laugh!
    x Lynn


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