Sunday 5 September. Father's Day picnic

In Australia we celebrate Father's Day on the first Sunday of September. For me, it is a day I choose to get outdoors and active as this is where I feel closest to Dad and enjoy reminiscing and reflecting on my life with him. Having been raised on a farm and spending all my childhood and teenage years helping with the running of the farm then going on camping adventures which took us throughout Victoria, NSW and SA, in our variety of most vivid and happy memories are of these times spent being active and outdoors with Dad.

Obviously this year my challenge was that I was physically handicapped, reducing my choices enormously! For an active person, not being able to drive has certainly been a reality check! It's times like these that good friends are great value and thanks to Jo, her two boys, Brad and his two girls plus their friend......I found myself nestled like a little gnome, in a camping chair in the middle of the forest, partaking (albeit in a sedentary capacity!) in a climbing adventure!!!!
(NB: The comic book was for swotting nasty biting march flies....not for intellectual stimulous!)

Goldsborough Valley is a very beautiful part of the country, proudly offering undulating hills, forests and rivers - green and lush with life. We selected a picnic area which was slightly less soggy underfoot than some areas, and Jo proceeded to cook up a storm feeding 8 very hungry mouths.....actually you could equate that to 10 mouths as 2 mouths belonged to 2 rapidly growing teenage boys! Gourmet delight Jo....Great work.
Those who were able bodied, washed off the heat and sweat with a swim in the river or a paddle in the canoe. Then the adventure continued....
I have walked this area before along the picturesque tracks and never given a thought to its uneven ground or inclinations and steps......however, these became small hurdles as I made my way upwards and onwards to the nominated tree. I was confident with handling the journey yet was grateful for Brad's helping hand as we left the well worn track and gently made our way through the crowded undergrowth to their chosen destination.
Watching action happen before me is not something I do easily as I am usually right in the middle of this action however, it was heaps of fun watching and feeling the excitement build and unfold. First time using new gear for the Hardie boys...very exciting!

With a fractured rib it's very difficult to laugh/cough/move.......but here I was, trapped in the most beautiful natural setting, amongst a group of fun loving, active people who couldn't help but make us laugh the entire afternoon!! .... Ouch!

Returning to Trinity I realised that I am indeed a very fortunate person to have wonderful friends and to live in such a beautiful country......
Thanks heaps gang ......It was a precious memory not to be forgotten.

And Dad, it was so easy being out there with you.....I love you heaps. xxxxx


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, Fran...and your Dad was AWESOME. I will never forget him rocking up to the paint shop on his motorbike, diamond stud in his ear...such a champion! :-D I loved that he wasn't content to sit back and wile away the hours...he got right in there! I think you've very much inherited that trait! *hugs*

  2. Thanks Emma....He was pretty amazing...I am very proud of him and, yes, he does motivate and inspire me. xx


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