18 - 19 June. Goodbye Dubai! ........Australia: "I'm BACK!"

A very easy journey through customs and all the relevant gates ...some duty free shopping....then as I sat in seat 36A, Louise White sat next to me! We had met as we sat together in the 'waiting to board' area! 3 1/2 hrs into the journey we hadn't stopped chatting and both wondered whether we could keep it up for the entire 13 1/2 hour flight!!? Louise, a teacher from Hobart was going home from spending family time in Milan then in Cinque Terre! As we touched down in Melbourne both of us decided that it was an enjoyable and the quickest 13+ hr journey either of us had undertaken! Thanks for your company Louise!
As I collected my bags I gave Gem her wake up call.....for which she was very thankful!!! (she had had a very social Friday night!!!) SOOOOOO GOOD to hug My Girl again :-) She took me to see her new home...so nice, classy, yet welcoming and homely.....then down Ballarat Road.....messaged Mum as we were passing The Marsh.....and finally we were together again....Excitement, hugs and kisses from everyone....Mum, Evie, Laura, Katie, Gem.....
I knew I really was back home!


  1. My mind must be playing tricks as everything just went pink.....whew


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