Wednesday 2 - Friday 4 June.....Recovering!!

Reminiscent of the end of a very hectic school term...(which one isn't!!) body and mind needed some time to recover from the effects of enormous amounts of energy spent! Losing my voice made it difficult to communicate...more so than usual....and I really didn't have much inclination to do anything else other than rest and eat. Thankfully I didn't lose my appetite. Wednesday I made a fuitless trip into the Huphanhof as I had left my prescription glasses on the train from Copenhagen, then searched out a hairdresser. This is usually a pampering session for me, and, although relaxing, the girl pampering me spoke no English... so her offsider had to guide her with my wishes which I was struggling to give with no voice!.....Waiting for the color to absorb, I'm pretty sure I fell asleep! It seemed that she had just finished the color ....then suddenly I became conscious of her gently shaking my shoulder, indicating I was to go to the basin....I only hope I didn't snore...Sorry Aussie's, but I think these Hamburgers have a very distorted view of us, thanks to me!!
Thursday and Friday..... Realising I had to stop....I chilled, unpacked and slept.....
Friday night, feeling energised, we dined at a Moroccan restaurant, Saliba, in the Alster Arcade along the Colonnade which aparently after the Great Fire of 1842, was rebuilt with a Venetian flair. We had a sensational view as we dined alongside Alster Kleine, one of the many canals that runs through Hamburg, overlooking the Rathaus and the market area where many other diners enjoyed the sunset and ambience, as we did.

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