15 - 16 June. Dubai - Night challenges!

I'm assuming I was happily snoring away in an exhausted sleep, regenerating my batteries when at 3:30am, I was slowly awakened by the sound of water splashing............I thought it was in my dream until I became conscious enough to realise it WAS reality....AND happening in MY room! I think the airconditioning was exhausted because it was spitting water out through the light in the roof. My bench and kitchen floor were covered in water....I am so lucky I hadn't left Kelly or my camera on the bench!!!
Ring reception - maintenance man - 1/2 hr - back to sleep? - oh no.....an angrier, more consistent dripping - reception - maintenance man - can't fix - 5:00am pack up - change rooms - wide awake - NO sleep had that night!!!!
Oh Well....!!!

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