Tuesday 8 June. Train trip to Wedel - Blankanese - Water Taxi initiation!

We always travel the S1 train line to get to Reeperbahn and the sign always says WEDEL as this is the station at the end of S1....so I decided to go there and explore!

Wedel = a sleepy country town settled on the Elbe River..Its port is Schulauer Hafen

Train back to Blankanese....a classy town reminiscent of Toorak but set hillside on the Elbe

Decision = walk reverside to Altona.....an uninformed decision but knowing there was a track!

No stress, pure enjoyment...Concern set in....where was I...how far to Altona....ask someone....still atleast 2 hours to go....!!!!

Advice = catch the water taxi!....How?.....ask.....
So I did.....loved the impromptu 'cruise on sunset'!!

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