Sunday 13 June. Hafen City - French dining - World Cup: Germany Vs Australia!

We set off to explore Hafen city....real estate which is increasing rapidly in value. Having wandered through the busy steets and quieter canals....the cold day sent us inside. we had accidently discovered a top class French restaurant, Carls... waterside and warm! So we had no choice than to settle in and enjoy the view, the ambience and my favourite cuisine....

Wrapped up in the Aussie flag, GT (.....and me a few steps behind him).....set off amongst the whole population of St Pauli and surrounding watch THE World Cup soccer match.....I kept my distance as I wasn't sure how the passionate Deutshland supporters would react to GT's gentle bantering....!!!

......but it was all good healthy stirring.....great fun! We arrived to witness their first goal....and the crowd went wild.....and so this set the scene for the entire game!
Game over = score = Australia 0, Germany 4!!! No longer a threat to the Germans....we became their BEST friends...everyone wanted to talk to us and share their exhilaration....

Their celebrations were passionate, loud and would have thought they had won the GRAND FINAL!!...and I decided that my last night in Hamburg had to be my WURST night!....YUK!

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