Thursday, 10 June. Exploring Plantan du Bloom - New Town

There is something so special about wandering through Gardens lushiciously green, colorfully in bloom and filled with water features.....when the hustle and bustle of the city centre continues alongside you......
Arriving at the area called The New Town....which is a bit of an anomolly? to me as many of the buildings they consider 'new' are older than settled Australia!
St Michael's Cathedral is the dominant landmark amongst many other interesting features.
GT arrived home earlier than usual so we headed into the city for late night shopping...into his favourite store where he gnerously bought Kelly some new toys!! - a set of earbuds through which to savour my music and a groovy cordless Mickey Mouse! help reduce my blogwriting RSI!! Thanks GT...I will think of you when I use them.

Tapas Thursday @ Vasco de Gama.

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