Sunday 6 June, Witnessing the busy waterways - a beautiful summer's day in Hamburg.

Friday afternoon I had taken myself for a walk along the waterways to try and discover the beach... I had been assured that it was near Altona which is passed the Fischmarket....
I hadn't been successful in this quest but had been tantalised by the busy beauty of Norderelbe, the section of the Elbe River, which carries all of the water traffic into Hamburg and runs along the suburbs of Altona, St Pauli and the Hafencity. I discovered Altonaer Balkon....a hillside balcony offering some amazing views of the city and peaceful parklands where people were socialising and basking in the sun. From here, there is one of the best views of the Elbe river, the busy port area and the Kohlbrand-brucke, a very long bridge which spans across the Elbe ....Jean-Lucien would be able to tell me all about its structure...but not being able to appreciate this, it is still a very impressive sight!

Friday I was too fragile to explore further so, on Sunday, having sun and strength, I visited the raucous Fischmarkt, enjoyed the live music, dancing and lively crowd at 10:00 then meandered along theNorderelbe, looking carefully for the beach...(which I still didn't find!) To get the best vision along the river, I walked down to the ferry dock and discovered that the futuristic office building on the waters edge, had stairs up to its top deck. Pleasantly surprised, I climbed high into the sky and settled myself, uppermost, and allowed myself to be entertained for nearly 3 hours by the busy water activities taking place below me!
Being blessed with such a super, sunny, summer Sunday arvo, we met some of the guys from Mylin, at the Beach bar for sundowners. The day was still warm and balmy as we dragged ourselves away, late in the evening in search of food. Indian sounded perfect and GT's radar searched out Maharaja, an Indian restaurant, he had been justifiably recommended! Another perfect way to finish a wonderful weekend.....until we walked outside and the skies had opened.....but....we didn't care!!!

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  1. Hi Fran! WOW....Looks amazing. I have Hamburg on my list of places to visit. Eventually. Enjoy :-)


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