Saturday 12 June. GT & FB out and about - Rathaus - lunch @ AlsterHaus Steamboat cruise.

When we do things's never in small amounts!!!.....we decided to do a cheese platter at the Alsterhaus as we had done the night I arrived.....a variety of antipasto plates and the cheeses...Yummo!!! Just as well we both like the same foods!

Hamburgers love their dogs...they take them everywhere...even into the food department of The Alsterhaus! Gem....Chocolate heels....not quite DIOR though!!
A walk aong the Colonnaden....the hiking store and a new, smaller, effiicient backpack for GT....FB to recieve hers later!

Highlight of the day = GT, Marine Engineer settled down in the engine room with the enigneer of the steamboat cruise....I just had to laugh!

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