Saturday 5 June. A trip to Far North Germany

A grey start but a sunny summer day was predicted and GT had his one day off so, we packed ready for a day in Lubeck. GT had been here before and wanted to share it with me. Arriving at Hauphanhof, we were asked to join a group..because of this our ticket cost us 5  instead of 17 Euros each. The other 3 travellers were cyclists so we joined them in the carriage designated to bikes....what a wonderful sight...100's of bikes squashed into the train....each rider eager to be enjoyng the sun and fresh air on the popular northern tracks....Lubeck arrived, but we had decided that, as GT hadn't been to the Baltic Sea (and I had!!)....we would journey onwards to Timmendorfer Strand, do lunch seaside, then train back to Lubeck for the afternoon.
Fortunately for us the weather blossomed and remained for the enitre weekend!
Timmendorfer Hauphanhof was uninspiring but as we neared the town the sun started shining and we discovered a very attractive town hosting a classic car rally. GT knew all the details about each one....I just knew which ones I loved!!! We did take a photo for my BIL....A shining black.. Jaguar, E Type, V12 convertible..sporting 4 exhaust pipes and ticking over superbly....Even I could tell with my ignorant eye, that it was a magical piece of craftsmanship!

Wandering the extensive beach filled with bathing couches and a sea dotted with all types of watercraft, it certainly was summer in Far North Germany!

We sat above the central square and watched the completion of the rally whilst enjoying lunch.....both of us grateful that we had our hats and sunscreen on!

We reluctantly left the sunny seaside and arrived at Lubeck, walked the scenic route...(yes GT can be affected with a momentary loss of direction too...amazing!) to the Medieval town nestled on a central island completely surrounded by canals.

As we approached the turreted entrance, it was obvious that some of the land was sinking and the buildings were leaning and uneven! We wandered through the archway along An der Obertrave, to a Fairytale setting alongside Stadttrave, a serene but busy canal. Lubke's Speicher, the restaurant to which GT had been on his previous visit, was where we sat, enjoying the afternoon as it moved into evening, absorbing the ambience, water traffic and 'A Bruty arvo tea!' What great medicine!

We really needed a whole day or more to appreciate all that Lubeck had to offer however, we joined another group ticket (GT nearly missed the train which wouldn't have been too good as it was the last one!) and journeyed back to Hamburg. We snacked, waterside before heading home, so enriched to have explored the beauty of FNG!

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