Tuesday, 1 June. Denmark!

Day #21.....The last day of my continuous Eurail Global Pass!

I am not one to let an opportunity pass easily by ....so I decided to use this last day and do a trip to Kobenhavn, Denmark.....I don’t think I really realised that the map was actually identifying Copenhagen....but I booked my seat and 4 ¾ hrs later arrived in a wet city, hot footed it around as many streets, taking pics of as many important looking places, as I could in the 1 ½ hr stopover...and took the tourist brochures back on the train to identify the buildings and try to work out where I had actually been!!

Yes, a microcosmic look at a busy Danish city....I couldn’t understand the people and didn’t know which currency they used..... however, it was the journey itself that was the highlight for me. 9 hours on a train sounds horrific but...It was in first class in an ICE (Inter City Express)train which travels between 200-300 kph and is very well serviced.... Yet it wasn’t the actual train itself....it was the ¾ hr crossing on the ferry between Germany and Denmark, which I absolutely loved; even more so because it was totally unexpected! An impromptu decision to do the trip and my scanty map hadn’t prepared me for this part of the adventure! Not having done any water travel, apart from activities on domestic sized craft and a few trips on the Queenscliff/Sorrento ferry, I was like a ‘kid in a lolly shop’.....So excited about everything I could see, hear, feel......upstairs then downstairs, from one end of the huge ferry (which was big enough to house our entire train, several other trains and all the trucks, cars and people!) to the other end, then outside to one side then the other side... then upstairs and, with the wind going crazy with my hair, I drank in the beauty of being thrown into something I have always wanted to do but have never had the opportunity to do!!!
Blue, blue and more blue....my favourite shade....Ulysses blue....in the sky, the water, on the ferry....and white and some yellow/orange..... The return trip was towards sunset so the colours were greyer and more subdued, yet still they enchanted me!
Maybe it’s because I haven’t travelled much before now, but so far, everything I have seen or done I have loved so much...... I am a very fortunate person to have been given this wonderful opportunity!

(PS: As I was drying off at the station, waiting for my train, I worked out the money equivalents. I went into McDonalds and checked out the cost of their meals.....then I realised that I didn’t even know how much Australian meals were, as I never eat there...but the coffee gave me a rough idea.. I worked out that €1 ≈8 Krona so the shirt in the boutique shop@224Krona ≈€28 ≈$A37.60! I was initially shocked at the cost of the item but now realised that it was actually quite reasonably priced!!)

Arriving back in Hamburg Hbf, I was confident that I had gone to the platform which would take me straight to Reeperbahn....but no train...an announcement in German....Police have closed S-Bahn lines indefinitely..!! Oh no...this was my way home...no option but to catch a taxi or walk for 40 minutes...GT was waiting ....taxi was my preferred option....Home again!!!.....I never know what's going to happen next!


  1. Hi Fran.
    You owe me 10 bucks. There was a horse running yesterday called Sweet Franny so i backed it. Turns out it had gammy legs !!!! I take it you are not going to the Epsom Derby ?? !!
    Enjoy !!! xxoo Tim

  2. Hey....great to hear from you! Back in Hamburg....and have lost my voice...so resting and loving the sunshine! Hope all is good for you...Keep in touch! Cheers. Fran.x

  3. Yay I've caught up on all the blogs!!!! Thanks heaps for taking me on an amazing journey around Europe... Absolutely loved it!!! Especially the photos and parts about Cinque Terre, will have to show that part to mum and dad, it would bring back wonderful memories for them!!! Rest up and enjoy the sunshine... Its cold, foggy and drizzly here.. Love Nic xoxo

  4. Thanks for the link Fran - so lovely to read the joy in your words.
    Enjoy the vino and the sights.
    x Lynn

  5. so good to hear from you all....wont be long and I will actually be able to sit and have a cuppa with you. Cheers,


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