14 -15 June....Panya tena...na Hamna Panya sasa!!! Rats again...and now no rats !!!

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14 June:
Woken by a rat in my bedroom, chased it with my boot, scared it but didn't kill it. Left it a breakfast of lethal pellets for breakfast but evidence said it had already had a feast in my pantry

15 June:
Hongera! Victory! Discovered, then trapped in the pantry...Lots of screaming...from me, not the rat...But my speed and aim were perfect...The brick trapped her and she gasped her last breath...I pushed on the brick for 15 mins..too stunned to move!!!

I didn't look as I knew she was there so chocked the bricks so they wouldn't move...then this morning when I went to remove it....I discovered I had trapped and exterminated the mother and the 2 kids!!! Bittersweet victory!

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  1. Oh my goodness - now you are eating locusts and murdering rats.......what next?
    x Lynn


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