4 - 13 June. Rudi Zanzibar na Dar...IT Daktari for Kelly!

Three days in Jambiani chilling with Renee, Chloe and Clair.
 Dining with Renee at Ali's Well, Jambiani. Sine VSO Vol (Germany) has here placement here and is training young Tz's in hospitality.....I would love that placement too!
 The Bucket List girls: L-R: Renee, Claire, Chloe and Me
 Claire (VSO England based in Dar es Salaam, Sustainable Livelihoods: working to promote use of Solar power... from whom I got my solar light!) & Chloe (VSO Belgium; Education...Renee's replacement and so consequently working with the deaf children in Dodoma)
 L-R: Renee, Chloe, Juanito (VSO Phillipines; Education in Pemba) and Wendy ....having returned to Stonetown we stayed at Renee and Wendy's home and shared some fun!
 Doing ice cream at a sensational little Italian trattoria overlooking the Indian Ocean in Stonetown.
 Drying our kikoys at Jambiani

Early morning swims, lazing on warm deserted beaches, eating and drinking and an unplanned outcome:....writing our bucket lists and planning our very different futures! This was rewarding, challenging and cathartic....I struggled with my list as I have not really thought about life after Africa but it was certainly productive to focus and try to prioritise!! My short term (6month)goals are to invest in me..regular exercise which I need to clear my mind each day; increase reading especially books about Africa; and make a concerted effort to better my spoken Swahili. Mmmmm.....we will see what reality brings!
Time with friends is very important to me so being in Zanzi with lots of my dear friends was rewarding and easy. We travelled back to Dar and spent Renee's last night at Slipway eating pizza and enjoying the ambiance of watching the sunset over the ocean.
 Renee feeling great after a pedicure, haircut and a few vinos.....with Hanna....celebrating the last few hours with us before heading back home to Holland.....2 years in Tz!

Kwa Heri Renee...Safari Njema raafiki yangu.

A night in Econolodge....2 frustrating days at VSO trying to get Kelly fixed...to no avail...and trying to organise a piki piki which I can actually ride and use in my daily travels to SEGA!!! Pole pole....slowly slowly....!! A weekend of total rest spent in Dar with Hanna and Clair, visiting Wendy at IST hospital clinic as she absorbed amoeba killing fluids through an I.V. drip, and lazing at Coco Beach sipping cold Tuskers....
An enforced stay in Dar as I had to follow up on Monday about Kelly with the IT Doctor...She now has no vision on her monitor and I am really concerned that she is not going to get better! Pole pole here too...still no feedback on Monday...or Tuesday... or Wednesday.....!!!!!

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