3 June. Form 1 English exam

My girls sat their English exam at 8am. My plan was to have it marked before the day was over! However....Pauline's review took place... I was supposed to be invigilating all day (I thought it was only for my exam but, in between the meetings, I completed my duties!) and we met with the Teacher Support Team to plan our strategy for implementing interactive learning in the classrooms.....
Our TST meeting was productive and energetic and we are all looking forward to working weekly in two teams to monitor and evaluate our colleagues in their pursuit of delivering lessons which reflect our goals decided upon during the three days training!
I left SEGA very late that day resigned to the fact that I would not get away to Zanzibar the following day. I accepted Polly's offer to relax at Oasis for an Indian feed and a cold Tusker.....Revived on arrival home, I completed 3 hours of exams marking!
The following morning Pauline arrived at 5.30am...she needed company and couldn't sleep at her house so put her head down on a comfy bed at my house before she headed off to run the Parents' seminar at SEGA at 9am!! She fell into bed but I stayed up and pushed on to complete marking the papers!! The girls had achieved as I expected....many of them were very challenged even by the familiar, regularly used English sentences and questions I had used in the paper.
Hongera! I realised that I could actually make the last ferry to Zanzibar if I packed quickly.....and I did!
Later that day I couldn't believe that I was actually sitting on the ferry....the sea was very lumpy, the roughest I have ever been on but I was loving it....(not many other passengers were though!!)...and I was on my way to share some precious time with Renee before she left Tz for home in Holland.

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