.....and soThe 2012 SEGA school year begins.

It is now a week later and I am back into the swing of life in Tz. I spent Sunday, 8 January at school welcoming the girls as they arrived back @ SEGA from their holidays. Their enthusiasm, excitement and intense love for their SEGA family blazing! I was squeezed so tightly by them all and the shine in their eyes and broad smiles, blitzing their faces, said it all.
They are the reason I have taken myself away from my dear family. They have softened the blow and intensity of emotions I have been trying to contain in facing the reality of being back and not seeing my loved ones for another 12 months. I know I am in the right place. I love being able to give to the lives of these girls and to support my colleagues, SEGA and Nurturing Minds, in their endeavor to nurture our girls into a rewarding life.
 The staff had met for two days of planning and preparing for the school year. New blood brings new skills and fresh enthusiasm which was evident in our staff as our new Management team settled in. 

With Salome leaving we have a new Head Mistress: Clementina Karaziki; together with our other new teachers: Deputy Head and Physics teacher: Anastazia Lukomo; Academic Master and Geography/History teacher: Enock Gray; Book Keeping/Commerce teacher: Alex Omony which allows Joffrey Lubega to move into a non-teaching role of Book Keeping for SEGA. Kennedy Wilson, has stepped up into a full time position teaching English/Civics; Esupat Songoyo will continue part time with us as our Kiswahili teacher.
Our 2011 staff who have returned are: veteran Grace Johns (Biology/Chemistry) who has been with SEGA since its conception in 2008; Pauline Rusisye (Counselor Polly/Lifeskills); Noami Mabina (Computers/Communications); Sylvanus Maguba (Maths);   Lydia Kleine & Jessie Voohese (US Volunteers involved in almost all areas!). 

 Clemetina greets the staff in her new role as Head Mistress.

 Enock and Anatazia discussing the schedule
 Sharing ideas

Great communication happening 

 Preparations continue.
Lydia, Pauline, Naomi, Jessie.

 Finding files and sorting out offices.
Enock, the Academic Master's office.


A VERY, VERY happy staff completing their day boarding Noah, our new school car, for the first time
....Room for 9 passengers.....comfortably seated, air conditioned, 4wd, comfortable seats, moon roof to let the fresh air in and even if we have to put a few extras in....a high roof for extra head space (as I'm usually the one sitting on someone else's knee I will appreciate this space!!!)....Frantastic!
The staff didn't want to get out at their homes that night. They wanted to drive around Morogoro all evening and show everyone their limousine! Thanks SEGA.

 Whilst our Maasai askari's whiled away their day. Centre back is Thomas my own askari!
....and so 2012 SEGA school year began....slashing grass...washing rooms...cleaning....cleaning.....more grass slashing..........then classes began! Everyone wass so happy and the year is feeling great!
 Lush and green the growth was overwhelming but it was soon reduced to a tidy, safe height.
 The staff shared some muscle. Well done Maguba for setting the example!
 Even with so much energy being used to slash, Faith still had the energy to sing and dance as she waited for her turn with the scythe. 
Our girls were so happy to be back!

 How many people does it take to move ONE table and a chair??! 
Their laughter and smiles told me that at least they were having fun.

 Moving furniture down into the nearly completed classrooms. The white one is the new classroom block.

Satisfaction as their environment was nearly clean!


  1. Hi I'm hoping that you can post comments here now. Try so I can know. Asante. Fran.

    1. Hi, Fran, I just cribbed lots of photos and great commentary from your blog for a proposal for NM. Fingers crossed. On another note, I, along with my daughter and 4 friends are so looking forward to meeting you and seeing SEGA next month. So much has happened, so quickly. A lesson to what can be done with commitment and focus and friends. THANKS. Susan (boardmember)

    2. Fantastic Susan....I am really happy to give you an insight into life here at SEGA....and am really looking forward to having you here with us. Karibu. Cheers,

  2. Here you go Fran - reply one. I am so glad your Tz family were there to supply you with hugs and TLC when you arrived. xx Lynn

  3. Great work Lynn, It came through...Hopefully others will be able to use it now too! It's been a bit tough which I knew it would be...but settling now thankfully. Cheers,xx

  4. Hi Fran
    Loving the blogs and hearing all about your life in Tz.Felt sad with you when you had to leave your family at home here but can feel the love that surrounds you there. Hopefully this will keep you going for the next 12 months.Keep the news coming.
    Love Annie Schiller

  5. Annie, Knowing I have the support of my family and friends is really important to keep me going over here as is having the wonderful SEGA family! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers. xx

  6. Hi Fran:
    Great stuff, thanks for keeping this up, I really miss those girls!
    Tom is still recovering from your birthday, you bad girl! It was so much fun.
    all the best,


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